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The Cleaves Memorial CME Church, Exists to "Reach, Restore and Rejoice" Making a difference in the Church and the Community! 

"Reaching out to others, Restoring justice, and Rejoicing in the Lord we serve and love.  Making a difference in the church and the community!"

We accomplish this by being ourselves:

C - limate of accpetance

L - oving relationships

E - mpowering Messages/teaching

A - uthentic in care leadership

V - isibility in the community

E - xciting worship experience

S - omething for ages!

The Cleaves Church has served the Denver area for more than 90 years.  Under its current leadership Rev. Mark J. Hill, we have proven that faith can move mountians.  As we strengthen our membership, via (relevant preaching/teaching, awareness of spiritual gifts, attachment to small groups and study of the word) it is so we can serve this current age and meet the needs of a changing world and "Make a difference in the Church of God and the Community.

Our church is located at 2222 Marion Street Denver Co. 80205 one block east of Downing St., between 23rd and 22nd streets in the middle of the block.  If you need transportation our van ministry will make arrangements to pick you up, please contact the church at 303-839-5683 and someone will call you within 24 hrs.